It’s 2020

So, 2 months after the manager who hired me left I was let going, because I was to slow and not skilled enough at troubleshooting.

I should left when my manager left in February, the person who took over after my manager left for new position always need my managers help and my manage spent a lot of times fixing his mistakes. I let them talk my into staying.

In the time I was there during engineering meetings with the new head of engineering messing up client environments and losing data. i may have been slow but when fixed something it stayed fixed, no really planning, or preparation on projects. They sent a ticket that was 3 month old before I got it with 30GB of a clients mission critical emails missing, they refused to backup mailboxes into .pst files before a migration, and they had the level 1 team defragging SSDs, which short the life of the hard drives in brand new PCs, so they replace these drivers.

Between the COVID-19 and a locked of New York City this all sucks!

I’m glad its over, my wife has encourage my to open my own company, I got the LLC from for Otaku Computer Guy! LLC and I renovated my wife’s mother old medical office into space for my computer repair and services business. I will let everyone know when the work is done.

I’m going to start publishing technical documents and step procedures of how to do things correctly and the right way, the problem is i didn’t have confidence in myself and the year off training and practice I had over the 15+ years; but after watching these guys and I don’t have problem anymore. blog will become my technical journal and my technology as well as advertise my new business.

I already one new client and old friend sign-up for services, Vulcans Logic Networks Enterprise, Inc. Is going hire me from time to time to be a second pare of hands and help with projects. The future’s looking brighter but it looks like a tough road.

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