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Title: The Star-ship Intrepid

Copyright © 2001
Release Date: TBA


Capitan, Jonathan Iron-horse has just been given and assignment he now questions.  For the first time in has career United States Earth Forces have given him an order that goes against himself and his soul.

 The Intrepid has been order to an Earth size planet and in a new recently explored section of the Milk way.  They have been ordered to load a small population of sentient life forms on to cargo frigate and transport them to a somewhat habitable planet in a near by Star System.  Their world is to be used for colonization and mining operations for the Earth.

 Capitan, Iron-horse has been order to repeat an event which was done to his people over 900 years ago.  Captain Iron-horse makes the decision that ends his 15 years services to the United States Earth Forces and ends his life and the life of most of his crew.  Intrepid disobeys her orders and turns on the United States Earth Forces starships that are sent to stop them.

 Story’s Based research:  

The Starship Intrepid is the story of the final mission of this ship and her crew. Based on the historical event “Trail of Tears” or called by the Cherokee “The Trail Where They Cried” where the Cherokee tribe was forcibly removed from Georgia and North Carolina to the state of Oklahoma.

Author Comments — The Star-ship Intrepid 

I start working on the Star-ship Intrepid in 2001.

Comic Book/Manga

Beta #01    Vol. 1    Issue: 1
Copyright © 2001

Release Date: August 03, 2019

Title: The Silent

Outline & Notes

Beta #01 has crashed land on the third planet of the Sol System at the edge of the galaxy called the “Milky Way”.  He has know’s he has landed on a primitive backwards world, but he doesn’t know why they say that in his world. 

The retrieval units will retrieve him but he doesn’t know when; He remembers an accident during the testing (his testing) and falling through a worm-hole. He is a biological machine breed for war. He is a dessert and he knows he must find water as he walks he comes across couple camping with twin children a boy and a girl.

He watches the couple  he is both terrified and confused for the couple appears to be Zeal-lian (White) and Zeal-negian (Black) they show love for each other and for their children.  On his world this is punishable by death as he continues to watch in amazement; What is this strange world he has land on. He can’t take his eyes of the family.

Behind him land the retrieval units to bring him home, but the retrieval units have noticed the couple and their children. 

The RU’s have loaded their weapons for zeal-lian retrieval units it doesn’t matter what world they are on, they must terminate this couple. The couple have seen them and have grab their children in fear and throwing themselves over their children in protection.  Beta 01 starts to feel something within himself.  Is this Angier? He knows what needs to be done.

Home World:
Zeal-less is a world within the star system at the edge of the galaxy humans call Messier 51 (51a, M51a, or NGC 5194).
On Zeal-less the race-war was lost and zeal-negrian people are bread as slaves and some for war others as servants. Zeal-lians are the  owners and dom