About Me!

Charles started training in acting during summer camp at the Fieldston School of Performing Arts, and I got into Hunter College for Theatre & Film major. I drop out to try work as an actor and was in a few background roles.  When I got married, I stopped acting and went to a technical school system and Network Administration. I spend 12 to 13 years doing I.T. I working part on a friend’s independent Film and started acting again. I would mind doing background roles and a nerdy role as a computer hacker—I into Comic-books and Video Games, anime, etc.

Interests & Hobbies

My an Otaku get over it.!

Comic Books, Anime, Manga, Video/PC/MAC  Games, Sci-fi, Drawing, Poetry, Shiatsu, Food, Cooking, Walking, Hiking, Reading, Writing, Martial Arts( Aikido, Budo & Nindo Taijutsu, Judo, Iaido),Meditation, Buddhism, Zen, Mikkyo, Taoism, RPG’s, Arts, Music, MMORPG’s, Painting, Drawing, sex, massage, Multimedia, Web Design, Computers, Electronics, Computer operations, Computer Programming, Computers in r Science, Engineering, Networking, Physics, Astronomy, Chess, Watching TV, Watching Movies, Sleeping, Shadowrun, Werewolf, D&D, BBQ, New York, Queens, Hangout, Drinking, Karaoke, Swimming, Sleeping, Pool, Theatre, Coffee Shops, Hiking, Playing Piano & Guitar, Current Events, Wii, WiiU, Switch,Xbox One, 420, weed, pot, wake & bake, blunts.

My Life

No matter what rank, status, title, or level of skill you have; self-learning and developing of oneself is a lifelong journey. Only true Martial Artist understand this and it has nothing to do with a belt. I’m CUNY student currently attending BMCC as an exercise in studying skills building, self-discipline training and subject/course skills building for going to a back to a four-year college and then on to graduate school.

I am a dedicated information technology professional with extensive 8 years of experience in systems and network administration and desktop support. Who possesses the enthusiasm for work, strong desire to succeed and commitment to continuous skill development that help build confidence and high-level motivation to achieve desired results with a love of computers. I built my first computer at age 13 and in High School, my special skills in high school were computers and general sciences; before that between the ages from 6 to 12 my father would send to after-school programs to learn how to use a computer and I learn my first programming language BASIC.

Another Life

As an Artist in High School, I took art classes once a week and Black & White Photography. I draw a lot to pass the time, Spider-man and Iron-Man stuff from my comics. I lot time ago at one I did want to be a comic book artist (I wanted to be a lot of things growing up, lol.). I was in the Cooper Union Saturday Program for high school students; and when I was at Hunter College I took some art courses ( I almost complete enough classes to graduate with a BFA but change majors; O didn’t that a lot, my first time in college). I try when I can to take weekend classes at the Art Student’s League in New York.

So, what killed the dream…the first time through? Please, read “The Adventures of ~Blackjack-Davie & ~colucas”…lol!

Ok, ~Blackjack-Davie got an interview with Marvel Comics, they gave him a project, draw in the Marvel style with Marvel characters a panel. Theme “Find some to beat Galactus,” ~Blackjack-Davie comes back to my house and asks who could beat Galactus, well my answer at the time was Unicron. I wrote and short story and ~Blackjack-Davie draw it. Well, he didn’t get the job, they told him it looked to the manga (Mind you, I have the prints still and it was in the Marvel just no the style Marvel was using a the time)and Marvel didn’t do Manga. A month later Marvel launched “Marvel Manga!” Any Question?

My Life in Anime Form

J.C. finally did it. He got me back into artwork and drawing; it’s been a long time. I am don’t think I am talented at all. J.C. wanted me to join him on this journey to start his own multimedia company by first selling comics. I agree and I thought it might be fun. I enjoy writing. He to start finishing my poetry, then draw some sketches to go with the poems…then write more stories, more and more I got back into drawing and painting; then this weekend I found out the real reason he asked me to join him:

”I am Kazuki Sendō from Comic Party;” the last 4 to 5 years has been this story. My life was turning into a Japanese Dating SIM. I have never seen the series before this weekend and the parallels to actual events in our lives and people we have met are amazing and scary.

So I have accepted my fate, I going to start practicing time management to work on my artwork and still go to work and my classes.

(I will get back at for turn my life into a living Japanese Anime, but it has been fun.)

My life in Martial Arts

I began martial arts as soon as I could walk starting with my first instructor my father at age 2 and training off and in a variety of martial arts Karate, Judo, and Jeet Kune Do.

I began to train in the Bujinkan Dojo in the summer of 1992 at New York Budo under Jean-Pierre Seibel, Shidoshi. I have been training in Budo Taijutsu 19 years. Charles Also studies Aikido, Judo, and Iaido.


My life has been much better for it. I just had to fit in with JC image of how he wants to live it. Shit!!! (I’m not a Good Artist, I’m just a crazy Anime Toon!)

The Martial artist

Charles is the founder and owner of the Rukasu Budo Dojo. He has been studying martial arts most of his life; he was first introduced to martial art by his father William E. Lucas III. His father learned boxing and Judo in the U.S. Marines Corps. Charles trained many different martial arts off and on over the years Jeet Kune Do, and Karate, before coming to the Bujinkan Dojo. He began his studying in the Bujinkan Dojo in the summer of July 14th, 1992 at New York Budo under the direction of Carol Ceramicoli Stefula, Sensei, and Jean-Pierre Seibel, Shidoshi. He also studies Budo & Ninpo Taijutsu at City university of New York’s Hunter College between classes at the Shinobi Warriors Arts Club.

He first starts teaching in 1995; he was admitted into the Nine Gates Institute/ Shadows of Iga Society: Marishi-Kai instructors guild; as an assistant instructor he taught warm-ups and Kenko Undo, in late 1995 he was asked to take over the Hunter College training group. In the spring of 1997, he was promoted by Jean-Pierre Seibel to shodan (1st degree) & in 1998 was promoted to Nidan By Jean-Pierre Seibel, Shidoshi. He was awarded the junior teaching license Shidoshi-ho (Junior Instructor) by Rumiko Hayes, An-shu and in 1999 he found the Rukasu Budo Dojo.

Charles was promoted to 2012 to Sandan (3rd degree) and Yondan (4th degree) in by Anthony Lucas, Shihan. Charles continues to train with many Bujinkan dojo teachers and instructors:

His Japanese teachers: Shiraishi, Shihan, Nagato, Shihan, and Noguchi, Shihan s as well as the Bujinkan Dojo Soke, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi.

His American instructors: carol ceramicoli stefula, Sensei, Jean-Pierre Seibel, Shidoshi, Stephen & Rumiko Hayes, Shihan, Joe Maurantonio, Shihan, Jack Hoban, Shihan, Sean Askew, Shihan, Jeff Christian, Shihan, and Anthony Lucas, Shihan.

On January 18th, 2013 he passed Sakki Shinsa and was awarded Godan and the title of full Shidoshi. He continues to train and study budo and ninpo taijutsu, by attending workshops, seminars, and classes throughout the year with many Bujinkan dojo teachers and instructors to get a full picture of Hatsumi, oke teachings, art, and Budo Taijutsu. Charles currently holds the Rank of Godan (5th Degree) and is a Shidoshi (fully Licensed Teacher) and active member of the Bujinkan Dojo, International and he is a member of the Bujinkan Dojo, international’s Shidoshi-Kai (Instructors Association). Charles has trained with a number of Bujinkan dojo instructors over the years. He returned from Japan and started training and teaching again in his home in his living room and in 2014 starting on the 3rd of his home a training space to teach martial arts and life skill to others.

Charles also continues in Budo & Ninpo Taijutsu as well as supplemental training in other Budo studies in other Japanese budo arts along aside budo taijutsu and he is also a beginning student at the Shin Budo Kai NYC studying Aikido, Judo, Genkido, Jo, and Bokkendo, Iaido.

Charles began his exploration of Japanese healing arts as a way to balance out his training in Japanese Martial Arts it as was a requirement for a New York Budo and the Bujinkan Kasumi-An training.

Charles studying Shiatsu in the 1990s as part of his training in martial arts. He has been practicing shiatsu off and on since 1995. He began his study of Japanese Shiatsu under Shirley Roberts, she was a student of New York Budo and a Graduate of both the Ohashiatsu Institute and at the Swedish Massage Institute in New York City; Charles continues his education in shiatsu under Kumiko Kanayama. Charles’ explore Japanese healing arts was a way to balance out his training in Japanese martial arts; during his time at New York Budo. He also learning First Aid and CPR was a requirement from Shodan (First Degree, Black Belt, and A requirement for instructors), along with learning traditional Japanese resuscitation techniques.

Currently; Starting in 2013 after return from Japan and earning his Godan (5th degree); Charles decide to train, study and practice Shiatsu and Reiki and complete is certifications and licensing. Charles began seeing a connection between touch and wellness and want to explore and find a connection between shiatsu and Reiki and under how ki moves through the body in and out. He began recently his study of Reiki under Michelle Shinagawa who during her studies combines Traditional Chinese Medicine and diagnosis with Reiki. He is completing his Reiki Master Certification under Michelle Shinagawa

Charles is study and completing his shiatsu certification under his teacher Kumiko Kanayama and in Fall 2018, he will begin his Massage Therapy A.A.S. and NY States MT License at Queens Borough Community College.

Charles Lucas is also training and study in Chinese Herbal Medicine, Health Coach, and Spiritual Counseling.

Charles currently holds Bujinkan Dojo rank is Kudan (9th Degree), he was promoted by Anthony Lucas, Shihan February 2018.