I’m very busy my friends and coupling with a lot of things, my first round of testing for autism, I taking trigonometry at QCC and PreCalculus at BMCC online; I organizing my work and study schedule. Sorry, if there nothing new, we rebranding my channels and streams. An working schedule […]

Mountains 2

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So, I have been trying to figure out how to use my OnlyFans page and Patreon Page, I not attractive and I fat. So, I can’t make money selling nudes, so I was listening to a friend on Tiktok and she uses her OnlyFans page and Patreon Page to sell […]

I love Omnivores!

This my first piece of digital art I made with MS Paint. Would you like to see it on some t-shirts and mugs?  I use to use CafePress, is there something cheaper and better?

It’s 2020

So, 2 months after the manager who hired me left I was let going, because I was to slow and not skilled enough at troubleshooting. I should left when my manager left in February, the person who took over after my manager left for new position always need my managers […]