My First Blog Post

I had this homepage 1992, it originally on AOL now I moved off blogger and google sites, thank you for your patience while I move the website and blog.

Like my old site on AOL, I would to use this sites to share and talk about life, interest & hobbies, I would all so like create my own brand and promote businesses.

I would to talk about our family, talk about polyamory, polygamy, communication, relationship, and dating. As well as general nerdy, geeky, and otaku stuff. From an adult perspective. Welcome, all!

Let’s you this platform to talk about music, art, lifestyles, from the prospective and a Nerd, geek, and Otaku.

I will slow import all of my old journal entries from livejournal and blogger.

I want this to be a explore journey.

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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