It’s 2019!!

Things are not working out as planned.  So I am moving my blogging and dropping out massage therapy course and going back to school in Computer Science and Engineering, its backing financial more difficult. I had go back to working in IT and I taking a job as a Applications Analyst and I start training Online Classes in getting certifications in DevOps Engineering, Full Stack Web Developer, Linux Administration, and Java Programming and scripting.   I also  working updating my microsoft and comptia certifications.

I opened my own computer services business and I started doing consulting I have new client I got through Winston Staffing, but I was asked a small MSP (Managed Service Provider), it would be a stead pay check every two weeks. I will give it a try, I like the person who is my manager, I think I going to learn a lot from him.

It’s upsetting because I completed my Reiki Master training and I improving and relearning my skills in Shiatsu which I learned in the 90’s. I was learning new skills in western massage therapy I am going to finish Massage therapy and get my license for myself, but I earn more money if I want to complete my education.  

This just get tough financial and miss going to work every morning. I will try an go part-time. I believed I can take a few classes only and earn degree and state certification, massage therapy and reiki is a good side practice.

I learned a lot in my short time at Queensborough Community College, it was fun, but it is financially getting more difficult. We had a few tenants more out and two tenants stop paying rent after losing there jobs.

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